How do I use these s and m textures?

So, I’ve bought a model and it comes with a colection of textures - there’s a colour texture and a normal texture - ok, fine… then there’s two more textures named s and m which look like thier combinations like red is matalic, green is specular, blue is roughness … it looks the same on two models … how do I use these? (I’m a blender user)

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Hey, if I understood you correctly this is what you need to do.

You will have to separate RGB channels in shader editor and plug them into correct sockets.
As an example:

AO Metallic Rougness

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Yeah , exactly - the thing is … what are the correct sockets ? Ibe seen this “s” map on more than one model… how is it meant to be split?

It really depends on how this artist did it.
But for example the standard for exporting from Substance Painter to Unreal Engine 4 is
R - Occlusion
G - Roughness
B - Metallic

Substance Painter to Unity
Metallic Standard
RGB - Metallic
A - Smoothness

RGB - Specular
A - Smoothness

So I am guessing it is for unity there S - Specular and M - For metallic standard.
But I could be very wrong :smile: