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How do I view a local STL file?

(Gwinda) #1

I haven't found any menu to load a model stored on your local drive. How do I do that?



It's not possible at the moment, you need to upload the STL file.

(Gwinda) #3

Well, I will not upload our drawings for new unreleased products to a cloud where I don't know where the server is located, I don't know the people with access to it and I don't know how the security is.

I guess I will have to wait until there is support for local files. Any ideas if they are working on it or if it even is on the todo-list?


Pro accounts and above can make models Private (unlisted) and optionally password-protected:

We use AWS storage, and currently our server is in Ireland. Your original files are never exposed:

At the moment we don't license the viewer technology for others to host and all models must be uploaded, processed and hosted on Sketchfab servers. We might offer some kind of support for local files in the future, but it is not currently on our todo list.