How do you create a playlist with a viewer called by the api utility?

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Is there a way, when I call the viewer with the api utility, to create a playlist.
Example of what I think or want to get:

var urlid = '82074ab6c4b043688e7d994a1c198466+51e61ff25f004900a5a03254dcb1c379';

	function onSketchfabUtilityReady() {
	//your code here

var sketchfabAPIUtility = new SketchfabAPIUtility(urlid, document.getElementById('api-frame'), onSketchfabUtilityReady, { autostart: 1 });

Would such a playlist work with private model?


It's an interesting idea, but we haven't implemented playlists in the Viewer API yet. Maybe you could just build your own playlist interface and re-initialize the iframe?

Check out the second section here: