How do you guys do it?

(Charger641) #1

So i am extremly new to sketch fab and im wondering how do you guys do it? ive tried jpg files... not supported. I mean really. how am i supposed to do this? please help!

(Ndrakey) #2

Login to Sketchfab - Press Upload button - chose file - select your previously saved Model in one of the supported formats. That would be obj or fbx in most cases.

(Charger641) #3

the problem is... i dont have a previous model
what ive been doing is taking pics and loading them into my '3D Builder' app and seeing if that does anything but..... im trying to contribute to this

(Mhazani) #4

Taking pics... Of what? This is not a website for pictures. Every "pic" you see in your reference is a 3d model that was constructed via some workflow that involved modeling, texturing, sometimes animating...

Sketchfab is not jpg compatible just like it's not .txt or .mp3 compatible. It's a webapp for 3d models and evnironments.

What is it exactly you're trying to use it for?

(Charger641) #5

I'm using this for 3D modeling

(Mhazani) #6

You can't model anything in Sketchfab. It's a presentation platform - you upload existing models to it.

For a free, excellent piece of 3D modeling software, take a look at Blender.

(Bob Danforth) #7

3d Builder should be able to export .obj files after it has used the multiple images to create a 3d scene. I have not been able to play with it myself but have seen objs it produced.
Once you have a model accurately textured the 3d edit allows you to upload a JPG as a texture, but it must be accurately mapped on the 3d surface.

I would like to see more manipulation ability once the texture is applied but atm that is not possible.

It would be nice if Blender had the capability to create geometry automatically from multiple images, but atm I am not aware that such a thing exists