How do you like Art Spotlight?

(Bart) #1

Hey all,

I just published our third Art Spotlight post on the blog and I was wondering how you like them. I'd love a little feedback smile

You can see all three articles here.

(Shaderbytes) #2

I think its a good means to promote activity on the forum and find it is interesting to read since the users who are featured spend a bit more time and thought into saying what they do. I would think this is one level up from a regular cg forum discussion as it is curated yet not exclusive or entitled so everyone can feel included to some degree. Its a win-win strategy.

(Abby Crawford) #3

I really like that the author/artist goes through their process and shows some of their steps along the way. They're good reads - not too long, great visuals. Makes me wish I had that sort of artistic talent!

(Bart) #4

Thanks guys! So far, everyone that I've invited has accepted - it's so great to be able to work with such enthusiastic people!

If you ever spot an artwork that you'd like to know more about just let me know!

(Lord00120) #5

Yeah the art spotlight are some really inspiring reading material smile Please keep them coming!

(Bart) #6

Glad to hear you're enjoying them! More are coming :slight_smile: