How do you open a shared link in the mobile app?

If you have been given a shared link from sketchfab, how does that person open the link in the mobile app?

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It looks like my colleague Dan is already helping you over email, but using the “old” model URL structure should open directly in the mobile app if you have it installed.

For example,

The “new” structure:

The “old” structure:

Clicking that link opens directly in the app on my phone.

We are working to make the new structure work soon.

Here is my URL…it is not opening directly into the app. What needs to be done for it to open directly into the app.? Please stop sending your examples. I’m trying to open mine in the app and it wont go directly to the app. WHY? And what is the fix?

I’m trying to figure out how to debug this on your device.

Its not just my phone, all my colleagues and clients are having the same issue. So it’s the Sketchfab model URL.


We found the issue. Apple changed the way you need to format deep linking settings between iOS 12 and iOS 13. Users who had already installed the app on iOS 12 and then upgraded to iOS 13 were unaffected, which is why we could not reproduce the issue at first. New users installing the app directly on iOS 13 need an update. We’ll get that fixed in the coming weeks.

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That link was malformed. I deleted from your post because (after fixing it) it was pointing to pornographic content. That account will be removed.

Hi, I am having this same issue again on Android. A month ago, the shared link was working correctly and would open the model in the SketchFab mobile app, but now it is opening the model in a web browser instead. I’ve tried all of the different shareable url formats as mentioned above: short, long and extra-short “” links but they are all directing to the web browser model now. Has something changed?

I am having the same issue on my iPad Pro - all links opening in web-browser rather than the app.

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I have passed these messages to our app developers.

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Any solution? how to send link that opens in app (when app installed )??

How is this not solved yet?? simple solution for crucial feature