How do you upload more than 1 animation From Blender?


(VirtualAnubis) #1

i am very confused, sometimes it uploads only the animation i'm previewing , sometimes it uploads every animation from blender ,i 'm not soore how the hell it works :frowning:

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @jackallis,

Sorry for this, we understand that it can look confusing at the beginning.
You will find more info about how we parse Blender animations here:

To sum up, if your scene has only one animated object, we will generate one animation for each action available in the scene and apply it to this object. If there are several animated objects in the scene, each object will be animated by the action currently attached to it.

These rules can look weird, but determining (automatically) what the user expects, just by looking to Blender scene data is not always trivial, as you can attach only one action to an object at a time.

The rules allows to get the two common scenarii: scene with multiple animated objects, or a single character having several animations (walk, crouch, jump, etc).

There might be several ways to improve this (NLA tracks could give more info) but for now it follows these simple rules.

I hope it helps :slight_smile: