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How does displace work?


(Ankor) #1

Good day !
I have a few questions:

  1. How to read 8-bit displace texture made in Maya for example?
    1. What information does one pixel provide?
    2. How to calculate maximum displacement of one white pixel in coordinates?
    3. Can 8-bit displacement move vertices below original surface?

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #2

8 Bit Will Give You Less Displace Variations :slight_smile:

(Stephomi) #3

We only support 8 bit texture.

  1. Displacement :
    • grey value (0.5) means 0 displacement
    • white (1.0) is positive offset according to normal
    • black (0.0) is negative offset according to normal
  2. The slider in the displacement channel (sketchfab editor) is here for that
  3. yes (< 0.5 value)

(Ankor) #4

Thank you very much !
It's been a great help.

2 . But how do i find exact number for the slider without tweaking?

(Stephomi) #5
  1. Currently not possible as our slider are normalized (0 - 100) but the displacement slider depends of the bounds of your model. So you have to tweak.

Maybe it'd be a good idea to not normalize this slider.

(Ankor) #6

Thank you again !
Could you please tell me what exactly pixel information controls the displacement?
* Is it only value of the one red channel?
* Or combined values of all 3 channels in RGB?
* Or maybe it's a Overall lightness like L in HSL ?

(Stephomi) #7

Only Red (R).

(Ankor) #8

Thank you!
You've just cured my headache!
I'm very greatful !