How embed only Sketchfab image on webpage?


The wordpress template I’m using has limitations with Sketchfab’s oEmbed.

Is there a way to embed the Sketchfab image of a model on a webpage (with the play button hopefully animating also) ?

The idea is to show that image on my website (on the back-end we handle taking the user to Sketchfab page to see the model).

Thank you, Sergio


What is the issue with the Sketchfab oEmbed?

Have you followed the conversation here?

Viewer on Wordpress doesn’t work anymore

And the instructions here?

You could use our Screenshot Generator or GIF Generator to get an image of the Sketchfab model, but you would need to handle linking it to Sketchfab on your end.

Hi James
The issue is that wordpress can’t open the render in lightbox, it opens as an embed only feature though. I’m using popular Uncode theme The problem is by embedding several renders in the same page, it will crash. Hence the requirement to open in lightbox.

Please see page

I have added all recommendations in the forum discussion you mentioned:

Please let me have your thoughts.

Thank you, Sergio