How get mtl file to also load with obj file

I export a modified file from Blender as waveform (obj). The download includes two file .obj & .mtl. I can also download as fbx which is supposed to be a “combine.”

So, when image is viewed in the viewer only the mesh and the “white” wrapper is displayed. I have tried everything but I cannot get the mtl (skin) file to apply or be visible.

What am I failing to do properly?

Well I figured out a simple way to upload a functioning model from Blender into Sketchfab. Simply Save the Blender model whcih will have a .blend extension.

The model.blend can be uploaded to SketchFab and will render properly. Mesh AND material “skin” will display properly in SketchFab.

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You can also just put your obj and mtl in a zip and upload that–this works if you have texture files as well.

Thank you. But when I zip up a folder with obj and mtl files , Sketchfab only shows the mesh and the white “skin” not the model “skin.” From Blender, I only have success with importing the .blend file.

If I export as obj with mtl files , I do not have success.


Ok if your material has anything more than solid color, then you might need to UV unwrap your object and bake to one or more texture maps.