How long do reports take to go through?

(Spencersdh) #1

Several days ago I reported a user who is selling models ripped from licensed games. Any idea on how long reports take?



Thanks for the report. Our community team investigates these as quickly as they can when they come in.

That said, only the copyright holder can file a takedown request, and it needs to go through the proper DMCA procedure. More info here:

(Spencersdh) #3

I really don’t think you guys can just wash your hands clean of the issue, when you are actively allowing the user in question to sell lifted assets on your storefront. Even more, the conditions for a seller account state that the content they are selling must be their orginal property. You’re pretty much allowing anyone to sell any stolen content they want as long as the orginal creator is unaware. I’m no law student, but I’m pretty sure you guys could be sued for that.

(Nebulousflynn) #4

Hi @spencersdh, we appreciate your feedback and are already in contact with the seller you reported recently.

We aim to respond as quickly as possible to any reports regarding copyright infringement. The system that we have in place is designed to prevent fraudulent claims, while remaining compliant with DMCA policies.

If you are aware of a specific infringement, I recommend that you forward the original author of the 3D content a link to our DMCA take down request form which will take them through the steps necessary to create a request that we can immediately act upon.