How long does the reprocessing take? (Sketchfab Store)

Hello, I have recently become a seller in sketchfab, but I’m having a problem reprocessing old models. It never ends.
How long does the reprocessing take?

The model:

Thank you

24 hours later and still reprocessing.

any solution?

Did this eventually finish processing for you?

on some very rare occasions this also happened with me, things still seemingly processing 24+ hours after, in all cases though it eventually stopped processing and was either a success or a failed upload.
If you have a pro account i think you can duplicate a model while the new upload is still processing then you can try re-upload to that new instance of your project , but make sure to give your uploaded file a new/different file name to the file that is stuck processing.

Hello. The model did not finish reprocessing more than 24 hours later and I closed the page due to exhaustion.

This project is old, so I don’t keep the original files to re-upload it. I just need it to be reprocessed.

Hi Daniel. We looked into this and found the issue (it was to do with the original OBJ being uploaded without an MTL - we assume textures were added later). We’ve forced reprocessing and everything looked good to us. Could you please double-check? You should now also be free to make it downloadable or add it to your Sketchfab Store. :slight_smile:


It is solved! Thank you very much.