How make good 3d printable file .stl?

hello i want download model for 3d print
for example on this

i want to print it like it is in model inspector / geometry / matcap + surface

actually when i convert obj to stl i have only de matcap version

anyone know how to print it well ?

thanks everyone

anyone ?

Surface is just displaying your normap/bump map. That means the structure is just “virtual” but the geometry of your model is exactly as MATCAP version is showing.

So you need an original high poly mesh model with all the structures on the model to be able to print it…
If the normap/bump map was just sketched in photoshop additionally you will not be able to print it in the quality you see on “surface” model

oh okay

that should be great a software who edit “matcap” with “surface” data

you can try to contact author of that model if he maybe has more detailed version of this model.

contact the authors they will surely help you in this. :v: