How many before me?

(Thekiwi) #1

Hello! Finnaly I decided to enter this amazing competition, i'm kind of afraid to halloween so this is my perfect opportunity to post some of my worst fears of all: find a lonely cabain in the middle of the woods. So my idea is a traveller finding one of those pretty and creepy cabains in a autumnal forest, obviusly this cabain have a disturbing secret so... Do you have the guts to know what is?

(Meow098oli) #2

Just remember You have less than ten days! Don't let that discourage you though most users started with 18 days(it's a guess) .

(Bart) #3

@thekiwi Good story! And yeah, time is getting shorter, but it can surely be done! Welcome on board :smile:

(Thekiwi) #4

I've created some trunks for the cabin.

And put them together for a quick view

(Bart) #5

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile: