How much does my scene weigh?

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Hi guys,
I will deal with two issues, although the title only speaks of a need.

Some time ago, my “Pro” account ran out, and I was able to enjoy the disappearance of more than half of my models, and as the deadline for the account’s running out, I’m quite upset!

The last time this happened, I had no option to load smaller textures, because the models were completely disabled. (I do not want this to happen to me again). :confounded:

  • My question is: where can I see the total weight of each scene or model?

My intention is that if I run out of “Pro”, avoid the deactivation of models or scenes, due to excess weight. :weight_lifting_man:t3:

My other question is:

  • Why can not I download my own models, without activating the public download?

If this were something plausible, I could eliminate half of my works on the computer.

By own question of saving, if already of in case, we are loading our models to “Sketchfab”, that less, than to be able to eliminate what I have in my pc.

Thank you very much to all.

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For your first question, you can see the total weight of model by clicking on " More model information " link below the Sketchfab viewer on your model page.
You can read this page :

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Thanks, in this case the weight of the model if I can see it, but what I can not see, is the total weight with the textures!

Hence my question, why right now if I can put more than 50Mb, but in a few days … I do not know.

So, I’m thinking about going down a bit the size of the textures so that so many models are not dehsabilited.

(By the way, I did not remember that I could manipulate the model being disabled).

If I plan to revise model by model to adjust them all to 50Mg, it can give me fatigue! Hahaha

Thanks Moroplogo


The file size limit refers to the original model file(s) that you upload for processing. It’s everything you included in the upload - mesh, textures, etc. We also support uploading compressed ZIP / RAR / 7z files, which can save a lot of space, depending on your model file format. Textures added in 3D Settings do not count towards your file size limit.

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Hello James,

Thanks for the response, although I have not understood very well what you have written, the translator sometimes works well, and other times … he laughs at me!

Anyway, within 3 days I will get in touch with you, and we can see how to solve my error!

But thank you very much