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How much time the modelling process take

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I have a question that I have on the back of my head ever since I started modelling.
How long does it take to actually model.Just the model. What is the expected and accepted time for modelling a high poly weapon?

Take an AK 47 for example.Assuming that he will be working on it nonstop.until he finishes it.How much time will it take a 3d artist to just model that in high poly?

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Hey there

It's really a subjective question since not everyone works at the same rate. Also working non stop until you finish is not a great way to expect professional work since people work the hours they work in a day and then live the rest of their lives and then start again the next day if they did not finish. Of coarse some overtime can be added to a days work.. but you cannot constantly work in crunch mode day after day because you will suffer fatigue and productivity will actually get worse in the hours you are straining and tired.

I have not studied an AK47 in detail to give you a good estimation but as a rough guess I would say 8 - 16 hours for model only.

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Thanks for the answer.

I usually just have my max running while doing stuff. Go back to it whenever I feel like continuing the model.Since,I do most of these for myself and no deadlines. I guess it's ok then.