How select multiple objects?

(Rhgrafix) #1

Is there a way to select multiple objects to edit the properties all at once? I tried holding shift, control & alt while selecting, no combinations work. I can make objects the same color in Autocad then they will select as a group, but in a model that is already loaded, it would be nice to select more than one. Which reminds me of another question about selections:
Can I deselect certain objects that are grouped by same color or material?
Thanks in advance.



Are you talking about selecting materials in 3D Settings? I'm afraid that's not possible at the moment.

(Rhgrafix) #3

No, when I select an object and then adjust transparency or some other thing, I can only select 1 object at a time.

Maybe we are talking about being in the same editing mode, I'll assume you meant that since there would have been a way to do it if it were possible....I think.