How to add a texture from a non-textured material

Nice to meet you.
I am struggling to change materials and textures in SketchfabAPI.
Is it possible to add a texture to a material that does not have a texture attached to it?

I’ve looked at various published samples, but all of them update the textured material.
Or, I could remove the texture and change the color to Albedo.
As a beginner, I am unable to apply them. Is there a better way?

Thanks in advance.

・Pages used for reference

Hi @takegawa, when adding a texture you need to delete the color channel. They’re mutually exclusive in most cases. I use
delete materialToUpdate.channels.AlbedoPBR.color;

Hello. @klaasnienhuis Thank you for your answer.
I see that I can’t add a texture without removing the color channel.
I forgot that Sketchfab does not allow you to use textures and AlbedoPBR at the same time.
Now I have a better understanding of materials! Thank you very much!

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