How to add an additional layer that shows on hover


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Hello all,

I'm trying to find a way to add a hover layer to a 3d model. Example:

I have a 3D table with various hotpots on products around the table. When hotspots within the model are hovered over, that section of the table lights up.

Is this possible with Sketchfab? With JQuery? And if not, doesn't anyone know how I could accomplish this?

Much appreciated!

(Shaderbytes) #2

Hi mikev

This sort of scene interaction is not supported yet in sketchfab. you would have to go with a solution like threejs , but there is no quick solution there either. it would require learning the API and framework.

Hope that helps

(Mikev) #3

Thanks shaderbytes. Is it not possible within sketchfab using the API at all?

I found this:

If you can change parts of the model with a click like in this example, shouldn't it be possible on hover?


The closest you can get is the Viewer API.

We don't have hover events, but you could use a combination of annotation events and hide/show or material editing to do it. See disucssion below

(Shaderbytes) #5

@james perhaps better to link to this thread in future , its where all the newest updates are now posted , for example I actually did some work on it today and posted a new link. Whats important here is I'm developing a Utility object to abstract the API even further to make using it way more easy than before. I will continue to add features into the object for all the other API usages. Have a look at the link I posted and view the source. chat soon

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Awesome thanks guys. I will take a look.