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How to add lightmaps in Sketchfab?

(Squire James) #1

Hello there,

Loving the functionality of Sketchfab. The engine is actually better than the one my models are made for, but there is one element I can't quite reproduce in Sketchfab. My models have lightmaps, which i've tried implementing using the glow setting. Normally these maps are an alpha layer inside the texture tga file. I've tried using the glow setting, but nothing quite works. I've used the basic texture with an alpha, i've used a greyscale, i've used a version of the texture with the areas I don't want to glow being black. Any suggestions for what I am doing wrong? (I can upload pictures if it helps)

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #2

Can You Show Me A Rendered Example Of Your Previous Engine And Another One Of What You Are Seeing On Sketchfab


You can put lightmaps in the AO slot, or switch to Classic rendering and use the actual lightmap slot, although the PBR renderer is always better.

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #4

Oh Yeah I Forgot Lightmaps = AO , Sometimes If You Have Lights And Big Influence Of HDRI, Lightmaps/AO Doesnt Show, To Counter That Use Cavity Map, Which Is Pure AO.

(Shaderbytes) #5

There are different kinds of lightmaps , for example in Unity you get single lightmaps , dual lightmaps and directional lightmaps.

I have also found the sketchfab AO slot becomes useless when the lighting in the scene is strong and then also rather use the cavity channel ( normally witht the influence toned back a bit ) or even both channels.

One thing different on sketchfab is that these channels do not actually ignore the scene lighting. If you turn off all scene lighting ( and emission ) your surface will be black, which means the light map is only performing a darkening effect and no illumination. (baked lighting)

(Richardlockett) #6

@james sorry to dig this up, but are there is a sketchfab supported lightmap channel that will perform as per traditional render engines like unity/unreal etc? in terms of lighting and darkening?


You would probably need to use an AO/cavity and emission maps separately.

(Richardlockett) #8

Thanks James, I will give this a try :slight_smile: but i wonder what type of render element would need to be baked to become an emission map? specular or lighting maybe?

Also sorry but on a separate issue, i need to chase an urgent response to a payment issue on this account, i have email support about this, have you received this ticket? i haven’t received the confirmation email…


I’m not sure :confused:

Looks like the payment issue was handled by Dan earlier?