How to animate a 3D scan human face?


(Ahmad Iqbal) #1

I created a 3D scan model of human face using Agisoft. Now i want to add animation on face. Like eye moments, head moment, lips moments.etc. I am new in this field. so please guide me which tool is best for that. Can i use Motion capture system, or blender etc. I have no idea, Please help. I am using this for Research purpose. so tell me what options i have to animate the face. and Which tool/software should i used?

(Dark Minaz) #2

you can animate faces in pretty much every 3d tool, including blender (but i only found a nice tutorial on 3ds max page :P) might have to search a bit on youtube and other sites to find a good one to start.

The fist important part will be to retopoligize the face.

as scans generally don’t allow for much movement in a logical way. Once that is done you have to bake the highpoly to the retopo - then animate.

So start with guides to retopology, then learn about baking, then animation. and then about poses

more or less in that order should give you the best results to learning it.

(Ahmad Iqbal) #3

Thank you, this information helps me alot