How to convert .tiff to .fbx

(Liuyanlund) #1

Dear All,
Nice to meet you here! Is there anyone knowing how to convert .tiff file to .fbx file?
Thanks in advance!

(Bart) #2

You can't; .tiff is a bitmap (2D) file format, and .fbx is for 3D models. You'd need to create a 3D model in some 3D app first.

Maybe you can describe what it is that you're trying to achieve?

(Liuyanlund) #3

Thank you very much!! Then what kind of 3D app can be used to create a 3D model for .tiff files? I have a animation video made of .till files and want to convert it to .fbx.

(Bart) #4

There is not simple automated way to do that. The closest you can get is photogrammetry, as explained in this article. This is specific for 3D scanning though, it won't work for animations.

The only way to achieve this is probably to learn how to work with a 3D application and do this by hand..

(Liuyanlund) #5

Thanks! I will study it.

(Liuyanlund) #6

Hi, may I convert 3D .tiff image into 3D- Doctor, then convert to .fbx?

(Bart) #7

I don't know that tool. Please give it a try and report back! :slight_smile: