How to create a 1 polygon plane for smoke?

(Javierdl) #1

Like the ones used in models like: Mjölnir - UCAC5
I want to use it for steam from a coffee cup.
At the moment my settings are as follows:
1. A PNG with nothing but the painted and blured steam in white. You can download the file here. Remember that is white on a white background, so it would look like there's nothing in the image. I put a grey background just so you could see the steam, the image is below.
2. Transparency / Alpha Blending in the 3D settings/Materials, set at 98.

But obviously this is not right, as the steam does not show any gradients.

This is how the steam should look like:

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(Stephomi) #2

You should put the texture in the Transparency channel (and probably keep the slider to 0).

(Javierdl) #3

Thanks for sharing stephomi smile
I was lucky to get help right from Simon, the author of Mjölnir - UCAC5 smile
I was so close! What I was missing was to set the Format to Alpha, instead of Luminance, below Filtering, see this image:

Same PNG with transparency is used for both the Diffuse and the Transparency.

That's it!

So I finally published that one!

Thanks again,