How to create a high quality image for printing from Sketchfab?

(Javierdl) #1

If relevant, PLEASE include the model URL and other information so we can quickly investigate. Thanks! :smile:

Model URL:

Browser: Chrome

Operating System:Windows 10, Ubuntu 14.04,

Description of problem:


(Nomadking) #3

That's VERY useful @james, thanks!

(Javierdl) #4

This is awesome! Thanks a bunch James :smile:
Here's a silly question though: where do I get the Model ID from?
I thought it was that long number in the end of the URL of the page of the model, but when I use it at the top, it brings me an Error page :frowning:


(Nomadking) #5

It is the number/letter part of the URL, so for your strawberry bush it's:



(Javierdl) #6

Thanks for confirming that nomadking :smile:
Maybe the ones I had tried before won't work because they are still "Drafts" (?), contrary to my Strawberries Bush.



Yep, it needs to be published!

(Javierdl) #8

Thanks James :smile: