How to create a real 3D model that looks like a piece of earth


(Zurechtweiser) #1

I saw this and I am wondering how to create a real 3D(not just photoshop fake, but printable real) model that looks like a piece of earth. I do not want to use 3D-models from google earth as they look bad usually close-up. Also my goal is mountains, so height maps should be sufficient.

How to do it with free software?

(Tomatoheadstudio) #2

This is a somewhat complex question. To make a terrain model you have plenty of options and workflows, even using free software.
You will need a 3d modelling package. Blender is a free option.
You can download terrain height maps from, which is free also. If you not using this commercially and need a realistic looking artificially created terrain World Machine is free too.
To create a 3d printable you will have to study creating water tight models and the especific characteristics of the materials you intend to use.

(Leefachens) #3

Thanks, mate! Very useful thing - I am tired every time to come up with a unique landscape. :slight_smile: