How to create a "slideshow" for the different poses / animations of an embedded model

I am currently have a model embedded into my site. I am however trying to toggle between the models animations with buttons on the side of the screen rather than the menu that is at the bottom. If you know how I can achieve this please let me know. Thank you.


you can use viewer api for this, check Viewer API - Functions - Sketchfab

And here’s a fiddle demoing the usage


This is great Paul. Thanks for this

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Is there a way to make the buttons for previous and next into arrows and have them either side of the animations? I am trying to recreate a slideshow effect and I am too inexperienced to figure out how to change the code you sent me into what I am looking for. I am also trying to add a simple book opening animation over the top. So when you press next, the “book page” flips over, the animation plays, then the user can press next to view the next animation. Also the link to the viewer api did not work. Thank you.

fixed the link, sorry.

arrow buttons and book animation is likely to need some CSS/HTML code, better search in more adequate forums ( like ) or check documentation about that online in specialized websites.