How to create coloured reflections?

Hey guys,
I have created a sunglasses model, but it has some kind of thin film material that makes the reflections also take on the yellow tint of the film.
I thought I would be able to achieve this by using tint in the specular field, but I can still see the reflections from environment map unaffected.
Is there a way to achieve this effect in Sketchfab? I tried using gltf 2.0 materials, but even there it doesn’t seem to be working properly.
Any help / pointers are welcome.

Hi, what about this?

Hey @Tycho_Magnetic_Anoma ,

Thanks. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Can you tell me how would I achieve this?

Please bare in mind, i forced specular highlights to be yellowish using color balance , this will effect all your scene not just the lenses, but your glass frames seem matt so i thought it might work.

Also this only took a couple of mins, there are plenty of settings you can tweak
you could also add fine scratches and wear/dirt around/near the frame areas with other sketchfab settings, this was just an example of tinting in a similar way you described


This wasn’t my exact approach in the end, but it gave me the idea as to how to setup the material in the gltf 2.0. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

cool, glad you found your own solution, yup there would be a few ways to do this i suppose
good luck with you project too!