How to deal with shading issues after using a boolean modifier?

(BladeManEXE10) #1

Sometimes I’ll have a model where I use a boolean modifier. But this makes for some rather messy n-gons.

I can deal with these within blender with either flat/smooth shading options, an edge split modifier or most commonly the auto smooth feature. But that runs into problems when uploading to Sketchfab or exporting to different file formats.

I already have a file uploaded with this problem on a USB plug where I added the USB symbol to it. I just put an annotation explaining the problem. I’m currently uploading a model of salt and pepper shakers where I fixed it by separating the n-gons from the rest of the mesh. (They’re still within the same object. Just not connected.)

Is there any way I can fix this problem? Do you have any tips regarding my aforementioned models?


We don’t always handle n-gons very well because there can be issues when tessellating the faces, especially shapes with concave curves/edges. This is especially problematic for extruded text, booleans, etc. It’s usually best to triangulate all your meshes before uploading.

(BladeManEXE10) #3

I actually already figured out I needed to triangulate the faces, but I didn’t know that would be good the rest of the time. Thank you.