How to debug the UV coordinates of my upload


(Steren) #1

I uploaded a model as a .zip containing a .ply and its texture image.
In meshlab, the texture shows correctly, but not in Sketchfab.
In the 3d editor, I correctly see the texture in the base color of a material. But the mesh is not textured.

My problem is that I have no way to debug whats wrong.
Could Sketchfab help be debug if my UVs are correct? for example, by allowing me to vizualize UV coordinates?


A texture that just applies a solid color usually indicates that there are no UVs at all, which seems to be the case on your latest uploads. It just applies the color of the [1,1] pixel everywhere.

In general, I would always recommend OBJ over PLY when uploading textured models. We have some known problems with textured PLY files (unrelated to this issue).

When exporting from MeshLab, I've found that you need Wedge TexCoords, rather than Vert TexCoords