How to delete unused textures?


(Graficity) #1

Squirtle - Pokemon by graficity on Sketchfab

hi this is my model i uploaded .tiff textures but its loading pretty slow so i uploaded new .jpg textures and used it. But my unused .tiff textures still here. How can i delete them ?

(Moroplogo) #2

@graficity It is not possible yet.
But what do you mean when you write :"my unused .tiff textures still here. " ?
This texture is used or not in your model?
If not , it is not a "big" problem.
If yes , you can change this texture in "manage textures" and can choose another or a transparant (none)
You can read this topic : .

(Stephomi) #3

Few things:

  • The feature to delete textures is coming (very soon @arthurjamain ? smiley )
  • if a texture is not effective we don't download it. Effective means that the texture should be added to at least one material channel (we also check if the channel is enabled, and if the factor is different from 0, etc...)
  • we recently added the compressed texture feature that will convert every effective textures into a jpg. So ideally, you shouldn't worry about that. It's done asynchronously each time you hit the save settings or save view button (so you usually have to wait a few minutes the time we generate the textures).

(Graficity) #4

My .tiff textures not used in my model so its not a big problem.. thanks for reply. smile

(Mauricesvay) #5

Hi guys,

you should now be able to delete unused background images and textures. Let us know if you encounter any issues smile

(Jvouillon) #6

Hi, sorry to bring back this topic, but I can't get rid of my unused backgrounds and HDRs. Each time I try, I'm said that they are used by others models, which is no more the case (models deleted or settings changed)... Anyway, it's not a big deal, it's just a matter to keep things clean! :wink:

(Bart) #7

Sorry about that, I've reported the issue. We'll keep you informed!