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How to detach house model and plate (grass) from each other?

(Dom Pl) #1

I have house model and I frezed plate(grass) in 3dsmax but in sketchfab it isn't detach from whole house, how can i do that?

I upload this file using exporter script and converting to .3ds too.

(Dark Minaz) #2

You mean 2 materials or what exactly do you mean by detached?

(Dom Pl) #3

How should i prepare my model?
I want to have effect like here:

(Dark Minaz) #4

so 1 material for the plane and 1 material for the house with textures?
if you mean that only the house rotates and the grass stays, that would be impossible

(Dom Pl) #5

I want to that the grass stayed straight and i can rotate house alone without grass.

House has got about ten different materials (like: door, windows, walls ).


(Dark Minaz) #6

That is not possible correct?

(Dom Pl) #7

it is not correct because i want horizontal grass and rotated house. I will use wiever api but i need first to preparer model.


You should be able to do something with the Viewer API. Here's a game we made (click the bar at the top to focus the page, then use the arrow keys)

(Dom Pl) #9

that is exactly what i want, can you give me some tutorial, helpfull links to to something like that?


You can find the documentation and other examples here: