How to disable model inspector?

(Cecennguyen) #1

Hello, I am having problem with turning off the model inspector. I turn off “Allow texture inspection” in model property but the inspector still shows in the iframe. Any suggestion? Thank you.

(Techykitty) #2

I’m on the same boat. Have you made your model available for download? It says “ Downloadable (free or paid) models must be inspectable.” I think viewers will be able to see all textures by downloading the model, so that I’d like to switch it off does sound right, doesn’t it?

(Cecennguyen) #3

That depends I think, but I would prefer to be able to check textures right on Sketchfab if I’m viewing a model. I’m using a free plan and my models will always downloadable. Do you have to use other plans to actually turn it off?

(Mauricesvay) #4

The model inspector is always enabled on Sketchfab. However, you can choose not to display your flat textures in 2D by setting “Allow texture inspection” to OFF. They will still be inspectable in 3D though.

People with a Premium account can choose to disable completely the inspector when they embed the model outside of Sketchfab.

For more info on Model Inspector, see this Help Center article: