How to display a rendered image


new to sketchfab and new to 3D modelling.

I worked with a friend to create a model in blender and now have a .blend file.

I uploaded it but it uploaded in what I would call design or studio mode (see attached screenshot). Not rendered as I had hoped. Which is fine I assume I have to render it within sketchfab.

I’ve chosen the classic format for the renderer. I’m just assuming that there should be a ‘render’ now button but I don’t see one.

I’ve looked at the tutorials and the images there seem to be fully rendered… Unfortunately mine just comes out looking white. I’ve saved the settings but I also don’t see a publish button which is mentioned in some of the tutorials.

Maybe my blender file isn’t supported?

And here is what the image looks like rendered out of blender:


For your problem, it seems that your texture has not been uploaded .
We see this information by cliking on " More model information "

You can try reupload your model after checking : Pack External Data into .blend on Blender as specified here :

You can read these topics :

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