How to download the free models?


(Kingbyang) #1

I want to download some free models ,but I don't know how to

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi there!
If the uploader allows his work to be downloadable you should see a Download button below the viewer (next to the "Add to collection" and "Like" buttons).


Here's a great place to start:

(Kingbyang) #4

yes, I choose the downloadable models and click the download button ,but nothing happened.
just like this

(Kingbyang) #5

thanks,but when I click the download button ,nothing happened


What browser are you using? There's a known issue, usually on Chrome, caused by slow network connections. We're working on a fix.

(Ancient Hero) #7

Hi I can't download anything. It doesn't matter if you choose downloadable or not.. there is no download button. (I do use Internet explorer)


You don’t see a Download button here, for example?

Does it work in other browsers?

(Tyler Matthew Harris) #9

clicking the download button does nothing

(Tyler Matthew Harris) #10

and in the link you provided I see no button


Hmm, it’s working here. Have you tried another browser?

(Naxre) #12

How to make a 3D model ?