How to embed Sketchfab Models on these forums

(Brian C Allen) #1

Ive been having a heck of a time trying to embed my Sketchfab models onto these forums. Neither of the options for embed work for me and will instead only display the title text below the 3D preview window.
The help center says that the forums support Onebox, but I dont know how to access that.

I see other people can do it, what am I missing? Is the “onebox” setting something I can’t access? Or am I just wildly off track?

(Laurer1990) #2

Just click the little share arrow underneath your model and it will create a link for you to copy and paste :slight_smile:
put this link in your post and bham there you have it


(Nomadking) #3

Don’t worry you’re not going crazy, the forum does seem a little inconsistent with what it creates links from. I just ignore the embed or share options from under the model and dump the full URL into a post - that usually does the trick! :slight_smile:

(Brian C Allen) #4

Yeah, I was trying to do that, but it just wouldn’t go. I did notice that some others also had this issue, so it might just be a fluke, heh. It’s my first time doing anything on the Sketchfab forums.
Thanks for responding!

(Brian C Allen) #5

A full URL eh? Ill give that a go. If nothing happens Ill just let it be.
Edit: Well that worked just great! Thank you!