How to export an animation from MagicaVoxel?


(Poulpe Invisible) #1

Hello, I just made an animated model in MagicaVoxel and I would like to import it to SketchFab but I can't find a tutoriel about this.
Is it possible to export it directly or do I have to pass it through another software? I have no idea D:
Thank's in advance for your help.


Exporting and uploading OBJ + MTL + texture is usually the best result.


Oh sorry, I missed animation.

Does MagicaVoxel support animations? Maybe you could create a "stop motion" animation with our Timeframe feature?

(Poulpe Invisible) #4

Yes, MagicaVoxel does support animation, as you can see all my frames on the top.

But in the stop motion feature, each frame is a separate model in .obj, but in MagicaVoxel the animation is included into the file.
So I should try saving each of my frames as a separate file and use the stop motion technique or is there another way?

(Nomadking) #5

Yes, saving each of the frames separately and using the stopmotion feature is probably the best way :slight_smile: (I don't think any of the export formats MV currently uses support saving animation)

(Poulpe Invisible) #6

Ok, I'll do that then, thank's a lot! ^^

(Bart) #7

Perhaps you'll find this tutorial helpful too:

(Poulpe Invisible) #8

I've been trying for half an hour now and I can't seem to make it work...
Every time I select my files there's a message thats says "There might be issues if you upload." and when I continue my model isn't animated and there is no texture. :confused:
I checked multiple times that everything is named correctly, I tried compressing the folder...
There must be something that I'm doing wrong but I don't know what it is...

(Nomadking) #9

Not to worry @PoulpeInvisible, I'm sure we can figure it out! :slight_smile:

From the lack of texture and animation, it sounds like it might be a path related issue in one of several places, so I'll just go over an example of how I have things structured for my own TimeFrame animations:

To start with, I like to make sure everything is in a nice folder structure that I can simply ZIP it at the end and upload. Typically it looks something like this:

Each of my OBJ files is set to use the same material (doesn't really make a difference, but neater since they all use the same palette), and the texture file is located inside the texture folder. Make sure the MTL file reflects this pathing like so :

map_Kd Texture/Palette.png

OBJ files are also text readable, so it's worth checking they have the correct pathing to your MTL file. You can open them in any text editor. Using the file structure I've shown you should see something like this near the top of the file:

mtllib ./Walk.mtl

Last but not least, we have the TimeFrame file itself. This is where the animation magic happens. For the simple walk cycle that makes up my example (it cycles the frames twice) the timeframe reads like so:

0.25 Walk1.obj
0.25 Walk2.obj
0.25 Walk3.obj
0.25 Walk4.obj
0.25 Walk1.obj
0.25 Walk2.obj
0.25 Walk3.obj
0.25 Walk4.obj

Make sure that the naming is correct ("sketchfab.timeframe") or it won't get processed to make the animation.

Hopefully something here helps - there are a few places that pathing can trip you up. But if not, feel free to share the files you're uploading and I'll take a look :wink:

(Poulpe Invisible) #10

I did everthing as you said, and it turns out the timeframe file was still in .txt because the extensions didn't appear on my computer, so I fixed that (along with the pathing that was wrong everywhere :sweat_smile: ) and...
It worked! It finally worked! :tada:
Thank you all for your help, and @nomadking, from now on I will follow your instructions by the book next time I want to make an animation. ^^

At last, my exeggutor can grow!

(Nomadking) #11

Happy it worked, it's always something small that goes wrong! :wink:

Cute character - but I think he'd have problems fitting through most doors!


Haha, it's awesome!