How to export Blender texture? (created using nodes)

Hi all,

I have created a brick texture in Blender using a couple of nodes.
How to I get this texture to show up in Sketchfab?
I’ve tried the Sketchfab exporter and the “automatically pack into .blend file” option - so far no luck, the texture is not showing in the Sketchfab viewer.


procedural textures(textures on nodebasis) need to be baked into image files. Since you use UV Coords, I think uv map is done already. so all you need is baking the texture as shown here


I will also point out my add-on for Blender with Sketchfab upload built-in:

Blender’s baking system can be extremely cumbersome and time consuming. SimpleBake is designed to address that, and (among other uses) help get models uploaded to Sketchfab easier.

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Ah… I always wondered what “procedural” meant. Thanks, I’ll have a look.