How to export the effect of bump map?

(Ltctw) #1

Here are the images when applying Matcap mode. One is the original scanning result, and the other one is Bump Map tuning result. Is it possible to export the Bump Map mode as a .stl file?

(Vlad) #2

Try to use xNormal for convert bump (height map) to normal map.

(Ltctw) #3

Well....could you explain more how to do?
I mean how to download the bump map file which is applied the sculpting effect, not the texture.
I need the .stl with the features of eyelids, lips, stripes on the cloth and so on.

(Mrchlblng) #4

If I understand your request correctly, you want to bake the bump map in the geometry?
I unfortunately don't know any tool that does this.


Indeed, normally people are trying to do the opposite

(Ltctw) #6

OK, thank you for the reply....

(Vlad) #7

If you want opposite. And want bake bump to geometry. You should search for any displacement technic (based on your software) and subdivide low poly model to high poly (for example subdivide twice or 3 times) displace mesh using this bump map.

(Wunderkind) #8

you can apply texture maps to geometry in u ll get a mesh with real high geometry, based on the maps.

(Stephomi) #9

@ltctw One another solution that requires 0 setup is to move the diffuse color map inside the bump channel.
It is a total hack but on some scans, it's really adds something, here's a test if your last upload (note that you need to be in "lit" or in matcap to see the effect) :