How to get a published SketchFAb to be accessible in TwinMotion

I would like to use the SketchFAb Library method for placing SketchFab models into TwinMotion.

I publish my model in SketchFab and add category and tags, etc. But the model does not show up in the Library/SketchFab assets searchable tab.

What am I doing wrong? How to do it correctly?

I really like the idea of an integrated SketchFab to TwinMotion model placement.

Is your model downloadable? Note that our search index can take some time to be updated, if you just made a model downloadable it could take 5-10 minutes for it to show up in search.

Thank you. Yes, I found the downloadable dialog on Sketchfab for the model in question. I changed model to downloadable. It didn’t take 5 minutes for model to show up in the Twinmotion Library.

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So this is solved now?

Sorry about that! We’re aware and have started looking into it. I’ll post updates here.

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