How to hide the menus in the iframe

(Kunsinha79) #1

The menu items loaded in the iframe has a model inspector, we dont want the model inspector to be part of the view model. How should that be done?
also, the sketchfab logo is not required. We have a business account. Is it possible to do so? If yes, what are the possibilities and timelines


(Moroplogo) #2

You can write in your iframe's src URL of your HTML page :
for example :

To hide the sketchfab logo you contact the Team like it is mentionned in this Help's page :

" If you want to remove the link or Sketchfab logo watermark in the bottom left of the viewer, please contact us about Enterprise plans. "

But actually the "ui_inspector" doesn't appear to be working .
@james could you fixed this problem?

(Kunsinha79) #3

Exactly, the ui_inspector doesnt seem to work
either i have to switch off the controls completely but in that case the fullscreen option is also gone

About enterprise plan: Nothing like that is mentioned in the plans page. We thought that Biz is the highest priority plan and have opted for that. Though I am posting as a normal user but we do have a business plan.


Sorry about that, we'll get the ui_inspector option fixed ASAP.

We'll have an updated Plans page very soon. Sorry for the confusion!

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Thank you James! Saw the UI inspector thing working.