How to highlight and paint the edges?

Hey, everybody. Maybe a question for many people will be an elementary one, but I can’t find the answer to it.

I need the edges on my model to be highlighted and colored. I know that there is a special superstructure “WIREFRAME”, but the problem is that it also paints the invisible edges that are located on the plane and are not actually edges.

Here is an example of how it works:
Pay attention to the side and back of the models.

A cross is where you don’t need lines, a tick is where you need it.

And here is how I need: That any superfluous diagonal sides were not drawn.

I only once managed to do so, but I could not repeat the same thing. What superstructures I did not use.
I create a model in 3ds Max and after importing it in .wrl format, that’s why only it is perceived in sketchfab as a model with facets.

Wirefrime will not work because it will always show all the edges you are using to build a model. Unless Sketchfab provides a different shader.

You can always unwrap the model and bake wireframe on it. Detele unwanted lines in PhotoShop and use the texture map on the model
Or you could model a wireframe and just use it as an outline of your model


That’s not exactly the right decision.
Look at the examples, I did not bring them in vain. In the second case, it was exactly what I needed.
But how? - Here’s the question.

Ok, you want your models to look like this?

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Yes, exactly!

Photoshop :slight_smile:

This isn’t Photoshop. So somehow you can do it.

As mentioned before, you need a different shader from Sketchfab, which they do not provide as far as I know
Or make a texture which has the lines painted in
Or make an additional geometry which will be painted a different color.

The reason you had lines nice on mushrooms is because you used simple quad shapes and didn’t triangulate your model before exporting.
With more complicated shapes, you will get more vertex points, and every vertex point will be connected to an edge. If they dont, you will most likely get some strange artefacts which will make your model look bad
This is an example of how models are made


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If you really want to, you can remove the edges you don’t want on your model and export it as FBX, but make sure you don’t triangulate it. It will most likely look bad, but who knows, maybe you are lucky and it will work out for you


By trial and error I understood how to achieve the desired result.
All I had to do was export to the .obj format.
I didn’t do it, because with this export, the display of all the angles was smooth, as if the model had been modified with the TorboSmooth modifier, and I needed the model to be in lowpoly.
Anyway, thank you very much for your help!