How to import a model and its textures from Sketchfab into Unity?

(Betawarz) #1

Hi folks,

I’m new to Sketchfab and Unity entirely. I bought some models, for learning purposes, off of Sketchfab. I have a model, that comes with a .blend file, that I would like to import into Unity. When I open this model up in Blender, it has no textures though. The download contains a folders named textures, in which I do see the textures that I need to somehow use.

How do I apply these textures to the model in Blender?

Once I figure that out, I can proceed to export from Blender into FBX or whatever the best method for Unity is.

Thank you!

(Nomadking) #2

Hi betawarz,

If your aim is to just use Blender to convert the file to something else for Unity, then I wouldn’t worry too much about assigning textures there as you’ll probably have to re-assign them again once you import it to Unity and it creates its own Materials.

Just make sure that whatever you export from Blender preserves any separation of geometry that you might need to assign the textures correctly in Unity (e.g. If you have seperate textures for a character and a gun as part of the same model, then your exported version needs to reflect that so Unity knows how to split the geometry when making its Materials.)


(Bart) #3

When you download the original file, any changes that were applied through our 3D editor won’t be available. In this case, it looks like the textures were set up after uploading.

The glTF version of the download contains (almost all) the changes that were done in the 3D editor. If you combine it with our glTF importer for Unity, you should be able to load your file and have it display exactly as it was on Sketchfab.