How to increase Meshroom dimensional accuracy

Hello All,
I recently ran a photo set of 290 images of an item and then measured the items diameter in Blender. I got 108.39mm. Then I measured it in real life and it was 70.18mm.

I would like to know if there is anyway of increasing the dimensional accuracy of the mesh either by changing photographing techniques or in the software.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Moist_Plasma - welcome to the forum!

I don’t believe Meshroom allows for setting scene scale before export, there is an open issue regarding this topic the AliceVision/Meshroom github repository:

The scale of the object does not necessarily mean that the scan is less accurate. Have you tried orienting and scaling the model in blender to the correct dimensions in blender and then comparing measurements on certain features?

Thanks for the quick reply. Your right it is probably accurate but not to scale. I can most likely scale it in blender. A coworker of mine suggested putting a tape measure down near the item and the I can scale to it.

Thanks again.

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Oh, are you saying that I can’t use CCtags to create the scale bars with known dimention? I have just tested cctags and it works fine. I’m looking for sollution to get measurement error and proper scale… It is hard to believe that they add support for coded targets (v2019.2) without measurement… how software can be even named “photogrammetric” one ? Maybe it is possible by command line or sth? Do you know anything more?

you’re going to be better off asking the makers of the software directly: