How to install the Download API for Unreal Engine?


(Mawilbolou) #1

Hi there…

Sorry for what might seem like a silly question,
But I am wondering does anyone know how to install the new Download API in Unreal.
There are no instructions with the download API, and Im quite new to UE4.

Thanks for any help



You can find instructions here:

(Felipeperini) #3

Hi James,

Is there a way to export models from unreal to sketchfab?



Not yet, but it’s something we’re working on!

(Edstoica) #5

Hi James,

I cannot load the plugin with unreal 4.19.
It says, I should rebuild it from source.

How do I get the source code? (On github, the zip and tar.gz files are empty)


I think @waleguene is the best person to help with this :confused:

(Waleguene) #7

Hi @edstoica,

The plugin is has been built on 4.18 and only works with this version.
We are currently back on it to make it work for further version (along with a few updates).
We will push an updated version soon :slight_smile:

The plugin is closed source for now so there is no way to get it. The public repository is just a proxy that allow us to push releases.

Sorry for the inconvenience