How to keep textures from downloaded blends when uploading to Sketchfab?


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I'm using a set of downloaded blends called 'Sweet/Candy pack' by GeeZOR ( ) in a blender file.

However, when going through Sketchfab's 3D Settings > Materials process, I realised that I don't have an uploadable image for applying textures.

Is there a way to access the textures/images being used in the blend file as a jpeg that can be separately uploaded to Sketchfab?
Hope the wording's not too confusing.

Thank you!


It's usually best to use Blender Render instead of Cycles when you plan to upload to Sketchfab, as there's not really a good 1:1 translation between Cycles nodes and our PBR system.

However, if you embed the textures in the .blend file, they should at least be in 3D settings for you to adjust.

If you send a model URL, we can take a closer look.

(Ivanix88) #3

Most of the materials of this .blend use procedural textures (check the nodes of the materials), so there is no texture to upload. A few use an actual texture, and you can save it in your computer from the UV image editor inside the Blender file. I would say that your best option is to bake the procedural textures into a proper image file using Blender's baking tools, so that, you can upload them later to Sketchfab.

(Skyeshark) #4

The only way to translate node materials from an engine that uses those sort of things is to bake your end result into texture maps. Cycles, substance designer, native setups in Unreal, etc. -- all use nodes, and the node implementation is slightly different in each. Anyways yeah, you're going to want to bake the end result to texture maps, but like James said - the maps generated by cycles won't end up looking exactly the same as they do in cycles in the Sketchfab engine, unfortunately.

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By the way though, Blender 2.8 will have unreal's PBR implementation -- so making the results from Blender look the same in Sketchfab should be much easier.