How to make a model


(Ultimate Gaming) #1

How do I download the software to make 3D models. There should be a visible button somewhere.

(Skyeshark) #2

This is the only means to create 3d models using anything from sketchfab:

Sketchfab isn’t a tool to create models, just a place to share them. If you’re looking for a free tool to create models you should take a look at Blender, which can be found here: !

(Ra3id) #3

Sketchfab is a community of artists showing and selling their models who have built in all kinds of 3d software.

I would start with Blender for sure. YouTube has myriad tutorial videos to learn from…a priceless resource. Free schooling. We used to have to buy books or go to expensive schools…now you have nearly limitless sources.

Once you decide whether you like 3d or not…I would try Maya or 3d Studio Max. Both are beautiful programs with tons of depth. But Blender, which is totally free, offers so much…and has a very bright future.