How to make smoke/fog better

Hello there,

anybody has any tips on how to make better smoke/fog in Sketchfab? This one doesn’t look as good as I think it could be.


Hmm, well, the circular yellow faces’ texture map in terms of opacity looks like it needs a bit of tweaking. Maybe less overall contrast so that the centers are more transparent without losing that transition to the edges you currently have?
You also might be able to work something out with subsurface scattering on it. With a blurred version of what you currently have as an SS map it could have a slightly softening effect, depending on the lights.

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Without some sort of billboarding the typical ‘particle approach’ to smoke doesn’t give the best results on Sketchfab. For a better result you should take a more volumetric / geometry based approach, or a mix of both.

Here’s a couple of examples, use the Wireframe and Matcap views in the inspector to get a better idea of how they’re doing it:

They may be more stylized than the look you’re going for, but the principle is the same :nerd_face:

Well I was confused for the same thing thanks for this thread following this thread for others answer.