How to make transparent object and upload onto sketchfab?

(Kennyt) #1

If I want to make a glass in 3dsmax, how to make a transparent object/texture and export to sketchfab?

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi kennyt!
You should be able to transfer most basic settings to Sketchfab using normal material setup in 3ds max. Just try to avoid very max-specific materials like vray or mental ray materials or special procedural nodes, those won't carry over.
You'll probably get the best results using the 3ds max exporter from Sketchfab and you can still tweak your materials in the 3D editor.

(Kennyt) #3

HI! Thank you for your quick reply!
I'm actually new in 3D modelling and I don't know how to make transparent texture in 3dsmax. I try to find tutorial online but all of them are just making glass/transparent object for rendering in 3dsmax but not exporting the object to other platform like unity engine or skecthfab, so I have no idea how to do it :joy: