How to merge animations?

if you look here only one gear animation happens at once.
I’m trying to make it so the gears and the prop move at the same time, but it doesn’t seem possible, the gears and prop are separate objects and only one of them will move at a time.
Help would very much be appreciated. :grinning:

This sounds like a very application-specific question. Which 3D software do you use?

I had the same problem a while back and then found this Python script to merge multiple glTF animations into one:

Call it like “ in.gltf out.gltf”

I hope it helps!

I don’t remember how animation takes are handled in Blender FBX exports. Do you get the same result if you upload the .blend file directly?

If I upload the .blend file I get the same result with “gear001action/gear002action”. I’ll probably just try and rig them up with armatures instead of object keyframes.