How to open a file from sketchfab in the .fbx or .gltf format in INVENTOR

Hi everyone!
I am trying to open a sketch I downloaded in AutoDesk INVENTOR 2020, and it doesnt work (there is not even a pop up message saying it cannot be opened).

Does anybody know if it´s possible to directly open a cad-file from sketchfab in the .fbx or .gltf format in Inventor? Or how can I convert it or whatever. In the description it says that .gltf format has been created to open these files without problems in any CAD-software out there lol

THANK YOU :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar enough with Inventor to know the supported file formats, but you could try the free/open source MeshLab to convert the files you downloaded.

Thank you !! But it doesnt work, I just tried it - I doesnt know the fomat by sketchfab :frowning: